Welcome '69ers from Clovis, CA - not to be confused with Clovis, New  Mexico or any other state that has a Clovis High. This is the website  for the Cougars who bleed Blue and Gold. We were the last graduating  class from the original Clovis High campus on 5th Street, steeped in  tradition and history. The faculty, led by our principal for all four  years, Dr. Jake Abbott, provided us with the foundations for our future  lives. We have been blessed with a kinship that goes beyond the  classrooms we shared. But, we did survive the school lunches by sharing  some bathrooms. There were so many characters and so many events that  brought us together in laughter and tears. We would like to  re-live and recall old memories. Please join us at our Class Re-Unions.  

This year is our 50TH Class Re-Union. We will have events from September 27 to Sunday, September 29, 2019. Look for  announcements in your mail!

We are always looking for old friends. Contact Sharon Davis Murphy or Travis NIshi.

Call (559) 917-5456 (Sharon) or e-mail murphyshari69@att.net or tsnishi@aol.com

CHS Class of 1969

c/o Sharon Davis Murphy

P.O. Box 423

Clovis, CA 93613

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Clovis High 1969